Alter Bridge III- Link to a Review

Myles and Mark (Alter Bridge)

After reading a track by track review of Alter Bridge which you can read here, my anticipation for their new album has increased to new heights. They are one of the best bands out there who can blend heavy riffs and melodic choruses with thoughtful lyrics. For me that’s a rare combination. Plus they have one of the greatest guitarist of all time (according to me) in Mark Tremonti who has evolved throughout the years. And people thought he was just this normal rock guitarist in a popular rock band (Creed).

The new album, according to the review is a departure from their usual upbeat style to songs. This album vents in to the dark unknown, a theme that I should say I resonate well with. Well, I’m anticipating its release. If you haven’t listened to Alter Bridge before, maybe this would be a good chance for you to find out about how their music sounds like. (Check out their song below which has Tremonti doing a ‘duet’ with Myles.)

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