Sights Played out In a Post 1

When the neutrality of power kicks in, power then swallows and spits out an image marred and deformed. An image fed with self importance and defends itself with the mechanism that seeks for self preservation.

Power that was given with the trust of the millions (maybe thousands) as a form of preserving the peace required for living is now abused in the form of corruption. Must be because of the love of money or simply a case where position is seen as king.

It’s funny how stipulation gets bent in the wrong way, where a criminal activity is seen in the form of media expression which to me is too much of hassle to get big guns screaming with anger, well, they show composure when being asked but inside they are a raging bull running and responding to the red cloth that has flagged it.

When this happens important work is neglected. Criminals go around laughing, or maybe satan takes a back seat from driving as authorities drive themselves off the cliff. All the dirty work done by those who are supposed to tend and direct becomes nothing more than rubble or trash if you like.

The innocent are gunned down, those who cry for justice and equality mugged and beaten while devils roam around freely because they have what’s green and some sort of revered position. It’s ironic. Building peace without conscience, shouting slogans that sounds more like a clinging cymbal.

Yes, power corrupts the well intentioned. It’s neutral but when having it in unequal measure, makes what was beautiful into nothing more than bile.

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