1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (4

c. 1632
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Continuation from 1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (1)1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (2); and 1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (3)

4. Reflecting on 1 Peter’s understanding of Christ’s Death

Generally, by looking at all the details that could be conjured from 1 Peter’s reflection on Christ’s suffering, one can note the strong pastoral concern that is poured out through the author’s concern for the people. He constantly bridges the experiences of the believers to that of Christ’s; in what is imaged in this parallel is the unmistakable connection of suffering; like in Jesus’ life, so too in the life of his followers. This connection thus informs upon us care and the mystery of Jesus’ incarnation, where he became like one of us so that we can share in his life in all its fullness.

Another thing that we can draw from in 1 Peter is how Christ’s death, provides for believers, a rich rationale of ethical living. Because Christ’s death is costly (1:18-19), it exhorts us in how we should live. Because Christ’s death is atonement for our sins (2:24), it paves the way for us being able to pattern our lives in the same attitude as how he responded to unjust suffering. Because Christ’s suffering accords to God’s will in that he suffered unjustly he was vindicated (3:18-22), it makes us possible to endure unjust suffering with the sure hope of vindication. Because Christ is our Lord, and if we like him share in his suffering, then, like him too we share in the promise of eternal glory.

Lest we forget the great importance of Christ’s death, lies in fact in what it accomplished for us. As the author of 1 Peter understands, through Jesus’ death we can trust in God though our circumstances are trying (1:21) because of the hope we have in him. Through Christ’s death, it forms a new pattern for living, where his death liberates us from an empty way of life (1:18; 2:24-25) to a way that was provided for us by being purchased by his blood (1:19) and his sinless life (1:19; 2:22-23; 3:18). This also implies to us that because of his death, we have access to God (1:21; 3:18).



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