Is it Safe?

Book of Genesis, Hainanese Bible.
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I read about a conversation that went “Is it safe to read a bible given freely by people?” Why would such a question crop up?

Here we are pointing the finger to a group of people who think in the same manner and yet it’s something we teach in our congregation. Why should someone ask if it is safe to read?

I mean we read millions of things out there that we don’t even give a second thought when we digest it in. It’s sad that people would think that by reading the wrong stuff they will get polluted.

But I have to say that reading the bible is also dangerous. Although Christians believe that the bible is the word of God and that it is true, we come to the bible with our own preset ideas and read it in that lens. That does more damage than reading a book that is already marred.

Well to me, reading that conversation made me sigh with great frustration and sadness.

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