1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (5)

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Continuation from 1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (1)1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (2); and 1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (3) 1 Peter’s Reflection Upon The Death of Christ (4)

5. Implications of Christ’s Death in 1 Peter for Christians Living in Malaysia

The Christology of 1 Peter with regards to Christ’s death as we have detailed above poses some viable critique to Christian living in Malaysia. One might find the exhortations that Peter gives to believers he wrote to somewhat hard to grasp. Where, the general consensus is for people to fight for their rights is an understandable case. No one wants to be stepped on. But for some situations, it might warrant Christians to heed the exhortations found in 1 Peter. The call for enduring unjust suffering is a foreign idea to most. The rich Christological insight that Peter gives might have a place for Christians living in Malaysia to emulate where, the quite ethical demand of patterning our attitudes to that of Christ might work more as a credible witness in a world that thrives of fighting for their rights.

Given also the conditions in Malaysia, though being claimed as a multi-racial and religious country, the designation of ‘multi’ is in fact a foreign concept particularly in terms of religion. Sharing the Christian faith to Muslims in Malaysia might lead Christians behind bars. But verbal sharing of faith is not the only way of going being faithful witnesses. Given the strong ethical stance of living in response of Christ death being the centre of that demand, living out the faith might form a basis for communicating the Christian faith to the Muslim community in a non-confrontational way.



As we have seen above, 1 Peter has a rich Christology in reflection on Christ’s death for the church. In responding to the question where we asked, “In what way did the author of 1 Peter reflected on Christ’s death?” to which it was answered as; 1) redemption from a former way of life; 2) as ethical conformity where we are made complete by his atoning death; and 3) Christ’s Death as vindication. 1 Peter informs us to the ethical as well as the pastoral stance of the doctrine of Christ’s death, where it dispels the idea that doctrine is mere head knowledge, rather, doctrine is exhaustively practical as well.










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