A ‘Narnia’ Like Experience

Christians Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark. Chapel ...
Image via Wikipedia

Sitting down listening to my friend preaching during chapel and exhorting us students in our new campus to look for opportunities around us to share the gospel. He was talking on marginalized people groups; foreigners. What he said stung my ears. I didn’t really like to be exhorted but what he said was true.

Then it got me thinking about something happening to Christians, especially their sensitivity towards the surroundings. I’m not sure if others might feel the same way but a new dimension is opened especially to the reality all around us.

Before, the reality was one that centered around the self. The eyes/heart were just inward looking, and was asking “How can what is around me contribute to my well being?” Well this is a general thing but this is somewhat true.

But when one has entered faith, everything changes especially in the way someone thinks and his behavior. A new realization was unlocked and revealed. A mind reflecting on God does wonders and is always challenged. It like a ‘narnia’ like experience. Sometimes when this happens I’m lost in the mind captivated and challenged by the reality through God’s eyes.

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