I Love God but Don’t Give a Damn About His Creation


One the adjunct lecturer in MBS, Dr Mark Lovett was one of the speakers in a conference entitled “Challenges facing Christian Leadership in Malaysia Today.” His session focused on “Leadership in Environmental Issues” and it was good.

One of the parody’s about being Christian and saying that we love God and everything, we have no time to think about being care takers of his world and earth. I’m not sure why this is. I mean we read Genesis 1-2 but focus our attention more on 3. An over emphasis on chapter 3 leads to the idea that it is only humanity who get prior attention  in the drama of redemption. Here are the notes I scribbled while listening…

Why us?

1. The Earth is the Lord’s (Deut 10:14; 1 Chron 29:11; Ps 24:1)

2  God Loves this World (Gen 1:31; Deut 11:12; John 3:16 [an article I wrote])

*It is interesting to note in Rev 11:18 that God would destroy those who destroy the earth!

3. Mandate to care for creation

-Gen 1:26: Being made in the image of God means exercising dominion in the context of God’s will. But do we do this well?

-Gen 2:15


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