What is Sometimes Behind a Spiritual Statement

1. “God told me…” usually means “Me, in God’s voice told me…”

2. “This is for your training…” is a polite way of saying “I’m making you my slave…”

3. “I’ll pray about it…” is a spiritual way of saying “I’m not interested…” or “I have other important things on my mind…”

4. “I wan’t you to seek the Lord on your knees…” is simply saying “I wan’t to see you suffer like I suffered before…”

5. “Lord, I wan’t you to use me” is in fact a manipulative way of saying “Lord, let me show you how you should use me.”

6. When a worship leader says that worship is a lifestyle and it’s not about just being on stage leading sometimes sounds to me like “I’m among the few who truly live a life of worship.” It’s a good way of preaching a statement and at the same time elevating yourself.

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