Loving an Idea When I Practice Something Else: Community

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I love the that people now see the implication of church as community. This has a lot of merit and that denying this would mean that we are trading along the lines of heresy. I for one am a proponent of thinking church as a community.

But thinking through again, the pull of individualism is strong. Which makes me think that, how much of seeing church as a community am i believing it to be? With all honesty, I believe that the idea is good, the theology is sound but in practice I find that I struggle.

The implication of community warrants that we be accountable to others in how we act and in what we do. I don’t like to always care for others. Being conscious about the things that I do and that it would not offend them, or worse that it does not cause their faith to stumble.

The implication of community also opens us up for rebuke. Because we live in a community, we have to live in authenticity. Although we might try to hide who we really are, living in close proximity with others somehow opens up the real self whether we notice it or not.

The implication of community warrants that we become more proactive in the avenue of caring. When someone is in need being in a community means that we keep an eye on each other, tarry when one is weak, mourn and be in joy with others even if our conditions are on a different plane than others.

And finally, the implication of community slays the lordship of individualism. The lordship that constantly makes us its slave. Makes us love what is contrary to community.

So, although I am a proponent of community, I struggle with individualism. Such irony.

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