When Faith Seeking Understanding Becomes Faith That Should Shut Up

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In Theology 1 class where we were discussing about whether there was a possibility that Jesus might have sinned, someone blurted out asking what was the use of these questions, because they were misleading and seems to point to a direction of throwing out faith and the validity of trusting the bible. He said that it was the mistake of theologians who put themselves and the Christian community in trouble asking questions that were not supposed to be asked.

I have to admit that in some sense he has a point. Asking too many question does lead one near the area of ‘disbanding’ faith but that is not always the case. He is right in stating that, sometimes these question have a straight forward answer but what if someone does need clarification on a certain issue that he or she needs some form of answer.

Basically the tendency of some would be to stop asking silly questions and keep believing the bible. That would be easy. But taking this stand is not appropriate. It is basically this attitude towards questions seeking clarification that makes the younger generation leave the faith.

If the Christian faith is a robust belief it need not fear questions, even difficult ones. If Christianity says that it is the truth and its adherents hold to this belief why wouldn’t they entertain questions from people, even those that seek clarifications on their doctrinal positions. If Christianity wishes to ‘appeal’ to its adherents it needs to be sensitive to their questions. An arrogant Christianity will lead people to apathy and will never open any doors for dialouge or conversation with seekers or skeptics.

So I disagree with this brother. He may be sincere in his position. He has the freedom to choose what his position is on this. But for me, if I had never been given the room to ask questions, questions that seeks understanding, I would have given up on Christianity and Christ altogether. I can attest to this, so that is why, although I accept what this brother had said, I have to strongly disagree with him on these points.

To me a faith that is not open to questions is a faith hiding some dark secrets. It is a faith that retreats and is not friendly or caring. It is a faith seeking military obedience. It is a faith that is already dead. A faith to be buried in the grave.

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