Am I Evangelical When…

…I find some solid and good arguments from the emergent/emerging conversation, particularly with regards to evangelicals tending to lean too much to propositional truths, doctrine and salvation and forget the fact of reading the bible as story and living out the faith rather than just arguing about labels?

…I find the New Perspective on Paul an eye opener particularly when thinking that Paul was only concentrating the bulk of his argument on law in the lines of ‘working out salvation’ only perspective? I have gained a richer perspective in viewing Paul after reading NPP’s views.

…when I find Open Theism raising some needed views opposed to the only or ‘over sovereigness’ of God that some Classical Theist might argue? I find open theism raising their views with regards to the over imposing views that say God authors everyones life in detail which I will disagree with.

…when I find arguments about inerrancy and the bible (Genesis in particular) an open topic reading Peter Enns, Bruce Waltkey and others who give different opinions on the issue? Reading them has not made me junk the bible as the Word of God but rather made me convinced of it being The Word of God.

With that I think I’m not Evangelical if I cannot conform to the necessary labels for ascribing to Evangelical. So with that is there another term to label those who are open but yet in nature Evangelical?

4 thoughts on “Am I Evangelical When…

  1. This is a searching post. I think you are an Evangelical, broadly that is. But that does not matter as the label ‘Evangelical’ is not a passport to be a better person before God and his Christ. It is a sociological construct used to situate certain group in order to describe them. But as a social construct, it changes according to the society. And since our society doesn’t stop changing in nuances here and there, then the label itself follow.

    For eg. When in the 70s to 80s, there was a rise in non-supernatural assumption in the society, the issue of inerrancy came up hot. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, open theism was hot because of the problem of ‘evil’ (9/11 attack). But these issues were not new. They gained prominence due to sociological changes in nuances. My observation.

    1. Joshua,
      You made an important observation by noting the/a label as a social construct for the use of designation. Labels in some ways should have the need to expand with time because it needs to (not uncritically that is).

    1. James,
      Thanks for the comment. Labels can be good but when they denote superiority, pride, and a sense of knowing it all, thats when i think labels get messed up. Gone are the days when being followers of the ‘Way,’ back in the days when it was ‘easy.’

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