Some Thoughts on Knowing God

Immanuel Kant
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(My Notes taken during Theology 1 Class)

Kant lived in the 19cen and his contribution to philosophy/ethics and the results of this can be found in the history of the church. Kant is known as the father of modern worldview. The West went through severe and rational thinking. He did one thing that forever change modern thinking that is stating that humans can’t really know anything objectively, any information that we receive from outside are passed through the 5 senses and then processed in our minds and vary from one person, country, culture. This is then this how we know according to Kant. He is the one responsible in separating phenomena (experience) and noumena (something as is objectivity) where we cannot see things in itself (objectively). Thus, this thinking leads to agnosticism.

this then leads to the concept of pluralism especially in the western context where God exist but we understand this God in our different cultures and perspectives (a view that can be traced from the writings of John Hicks. We expereince the same god in our own perception.

This makes the work of Holy Spirit in illumination a needed thing, since we are weak and that Holy Spirit helps us understand the word.

Kevin Vanhoozer (as how my lecturer explained it) in explaining scripture says that scripture  is considered as a roadmap (limited in showing ‘actual’ description of things or in this case actual and exact measurements detailing the distance of a place) as opposed to a picture (an exact representation of an image). Although a finite thing, if drawn accurately, it will show u the way to go.

Taking this description, which I find helpful, gives credit to the reliability of the Bible. The bible does not show pictures of God but faithful description of what can be understood of him. The do not give an exact picture of him as how pictures can do but in a way a faithful road map does.


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