How to Really Go Green

Tips on really going green

1. Forget about that new green washing machine and wash your own clothes manually.

2. Chuck away that dishwasher and do it manually.

3. Forget about buying those green light bulbs, conserve energy by turning the lights out early.

4. I think it is really absurd if those who have mansions and being proponents of green. Chuck out your mansion and live in a place fit for going green.

5. Using green vehicles does not add up for being green. What you are doing is merely lessening it. To really do something about it, use a bicycle instead.

There are other things but the main point of going green is lessen your appliances, those so called green things. I just find it ridiculous that the really rich are talking about green when they are the main contributors of not going green with their mansions and cars.

3 thoughts on “How to Really Go Green

  1. Yeah–it’s just marketing. If people really cared about conservation, they wouldn’t be making multi-million dollar print/TV/Internet campaigns about it. As they say–“just follow the money.”

  2. I agree with that Nathan. Money and gain is sometimes the real intent which is sad; Make money while saving the earth in the process.

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