“Youth Groups Destroy Children’s Lives”

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Before anyone takes up stones to hurl at me, I’m merely quoting David Fitch on which he explains what he means by this in one of his blog posts. And before you shut off and discredit what he says without even reading his post, let me just state that a lot of what he says in the post are stuff that I agree with.

Fitch gives three points to explain what he means by “Youth Groups Destroy Children’s lives.” The first is “youth groups foster peer orientation.” This is where youths are separated from the adults and have programs geared towards their age groups.

The second point is “youth groups undercut wholistic community.” This is where the environment for authentic relational discipleship is coated with youth oriented themes rather than build on real community.

The third point is “youth groups often try to attract youths playing to their worst interests.” This is where programs are geared to only youth related attracting stuff (e.g. concerts).

These are good observations that Fitch makes. But what happens if we already have a youth program? How should the church respond knowing these critiques do have weight to them? I guess the church needs to try hard to offer some sort of transition knowing that youths will eventually make up the majority of the church and be its leaders in the future. One of the things I experience myself is that when people do ‘graduate’ from the youth ministry or department it’s hard to find transition to the adult church because people still have the perception that your still a youth and have minimal contribution to the adult church.

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