Should We Uphold the “Christmas Tree”?

A christmas tree.
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I was navigating my way through Facebook and saw a photo of a newspaper article entitled “Some want beer cans Christmas Tree removed.” Here are some quotes from the article itself…

“They said it desecrated the Christmas tree.”

“…Christmas tree was associated with a religion and the use of alcoholic drink cans to make one was disrespectful to the religion and people practicing it.”

I’m obviously confused here. The desecration of the so called Christmas tree is some sort of offense to Christians because it is somewhat associated with the Christian religion. I beg to differ. Since when is the “Christmas tree” associated with the christian religion or for that matter the christian faith? Why bring up points that are absolutely absurd? The so called Christmas tree has no significance whatsoever to the christian faith. People should read their bible. But if they are arguing over the promotion of alcoholic beverages I would understand but to state it as a religious thing is simply heresy.

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