There is Still Hope for Christian Music

I guess by nature I’m a hard guy to please. Blame the seminary for instilling this critical thinking (but i guess I like me that way). I’ve had my beef with Christian music and artists. I simply think most songs by Christians have no lyrical content. Sure you have the mention of “I’m devoted to you” or the “I give my all to you” which make people think that a song spells out spirituality, but I find this utterly meaningless. Well, when it’s overused, songs with these lyrics are crap.

But just when i thought that there is no hope for Christian music and by that I mean the one having great lyrics and music to accompany it, I found a singer who fits the mold of what I think is good music; Derek Webb. So I guess not all Christian artist are crap in the way they write songs. Webb gives me hope of how things should be.



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