When Worship Leading

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I’ve had my share of experience in worship leading and I have to admit that I have my struggles and joys in doing it. Some experience were pretty bad like out of tune guitars, not coordinating with my musicians, leading a new song when other people don’t know how to sing this new catchy song, and the list can go on but i’ll stop here.

Over at Ed Stetzer’s website, there is guest post by Philip Nation on “Advice to Worship Leaders.” This post has already caused some stir reading the comments so it is better to state again that according to Nation, it’s just his personal observation to giving some constructive advice to worship leaders.

These are the ones that I liked though:

2. We don’t sing la la la

4. Stop singing in the key of Tomlin

5. We only know 4/4 time

I don’t wholly agree with everything but still, good advice.


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