What Does The 95 Thesis of Luther and the Toilet Have in Common?

Portrait of Martin Luther as an Augustinian Monk
Image via Wikipedia

As the header to the post states, I ask myself the same question. But this article (which I found here) I found might help give you that answer.

According to the article, archeologist have found the birthplace of Martin Luther and upon some discoveries the great reformer’s toilet, where he wrote the now famous 95 Thesis that spawned what we call the Reformation. It had be known by scholars that Luther “suffered from acute constipation” and following that “spent hours contemplation on the toilet seat.”

It’s quite a revelation to get to know this piece of information. I don’t suffer from constipation but I, like Luther have times where, in the toilet, come up with some good reflections as well. I’ll bring a book with me to read most of the time.

But anyways, it’s good to know that I share some common practice with one of the greatest theologians. Now to work out on my own 95 Thesis. Well, if that will ever happen.

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