Is the Gospel that Narrow?

Saint Paul Writing His Epistles, 16th century ...
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Sometimes reading stuff online is really informative. You get information right at the tip of your fingers. You get the latest news, which used to be the work of the morning papers, some sudden phone call or by word of mouth. But with the internet everything moves fast. With that, so are meaningless rants that people think they are making a big difference. Well, I just might add myself to that list.

It gets bad when Christians add up to this group. Those who are arguing about what is the gospel. When someone personally explains what he or she thinks is the gospel someone jumps into the ranting wagon and tries to give a better explanation of it. It is as if the gospel is only about one thing. I find that hard to explain.

If the gospel is only about freeing people from their sins only, then why did the gospel writers spent their time long narratives to explain something so grand. It’s true that the gospel talks about love and showing love. It’s true that there is repenting to do. There is sacrifice, alienation, and death. There is ethical living, loving the neighbor, turning the other cheek, praying and loving our enemies. The gospel is to me something grand but at time we must know which facet to present in a given situation.

If you think I’m a bit way off in stating that, we should all follow in rants to the apostle Paul instead. There was a given situation in Act where he didn’t mention even about Jesus, even anything to do with what some call gospel presentation now. I figured if anyone is smart enough they would know about this incident. This is just to provoke some to take up and read Acts again. When you do find it, take issue with Paul. He is just not that gospel centered. But for me, he had wisdom. Wisdom unlike those who think the gospel is and can only be told in one specific way.

Well, that was rather heated. But it’s been a while since I started ranting. (Anyway I greatly appreciated this post for lighting up the ranting in me. Loved it)

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