Good to be Back

Three whole days without blogging means a lot in the internet world and it simply spells being left in the cold. Well, thats pure exaggeration but I know you get my drift.

The three days were spent having our seminary retreat which was a tiring affair bodily but one can always argue that it has been a meaningful and spiritually charged infusion. I wont comment on that but the experience was good.

Mixing around with different people from different cultures takes it up a notch in adding the fun. We had our spiritual moments as well as crazy ones getting involved in games. Seminary life can be demanding on the mind but it can also be an enjoyable ride as well. It’s a blend really.

Anyways the next couple of months will be wrestling with assignments and ministry, the usual stuff that goes around seminary life and Christian discipleship. But to kick the blogging hiatus, even if it was only 3 days is this fine written article by Andy Crouch on Steve Jobs. I’m too tired to blog about what I’ve read but I’m not too tired to help you with the link to the article.

My friend Kurt on his blog also has a good review summary of Walton’s book on Genesis 1 which can be accessed here. So if you’re curious about the book read Kurt’s presentation. It’s helpful as he presents what he sees as Walton’s main thesis is and some great list on what to read on from the book.

Ben Witherington has announced his blog being moving from Beliefnet here to the new blogging platform he is on now which can be read here.

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