Public Shivering

Ronald Wright, speaking in the Myer Horowitz T...
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I love it when I hear some of those great speakers, who can mesmerize people through their books as well as when they are presenting a lecture, being confident, engaging as well as being clear by way of communication. N. T. Wright is good. Though he is not in the charisma department of speaking in public his presentations are good.

I had my preaching stints a couple of times so I know what speaking in public entails. Before I used to be someone who hated speaking in public but now I think I’ve changed. But that does not mean I’m getting better at it. Honestly, I’m managing and I hope I’m progressing in a way.

But I guess the realm of public speaking is not something that I really like doing. My mind simply blacks out when I’m not prepared. Believe me this really happened!

I’m taking this course on public speaking in seminary and I hope it helps. I find that sometimes I tend to divert from the theme and topic that is give. I find also that I shake pretty much or is it move a lot when I’m nervous. Sometimes I think this is stupid because why should i be nervous speaking in front of people familiar to me. And I notice also that when I make mistakes in terms of pronunciation or somehow i feel that my points didn’t get along well with listeners that’s when i start to shake.

I love public speaking but for now I’m confining to public shivering.

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