Witherington’s Work Book

Ben Witherington, the NT scholar who has written commentaries on most of the NT letters, has come up with a new book that specifically on the theme of work. He writes about the book on Eerdmans Publishing blog which is entitled “Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Work.” As he observed, there are not much resources that touch on this particular subject. Theologians has somehow shunned it altogether. It’s a good thing that we now have this book by Witherington which deals with work, the thing that we all have in common as people.

There is a review of the book on the same blog which can be accessed here. To give you some clue as to what you might get from the book, here is the contents of what to expect from the book:

Preface: Caution — Work in Progress

1. An Opus That Is Magnum: On the Goodness of Work

2. A Theology of Work as Vocation

3. Slackers and Sloths of the World, Unite!

4. Call Forwarding and Vocation’s Variation

5. Work as Ministry, Ministry as Work

6. Seeing the World from the Crouch Position: Work as Culture Making

7. New Balance: The Relationship of Work to Faith, Rest, and Play

Overtime: Take This Job and . . . (taken from: http://www.eerdmans.com/shop/product.asp?p_key=9780802865410)

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