Loving Action

Kids on a road near Rishikesh, India. They are...
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A child is playing on a steep hillside and there are no markers to alert the child of danger or a sign that tells how dangerous it is to play near the edge of a steep hill. The child being young and with no ability to read or know what danger means is devoid of reason or concern of the danger he or she is in.

This child has his/her father overseeing the whole thing. He know, understands and has a truckload of reasoning capabilities in his brain to know what to do in this matter. But he avoids to do what should be done. Take immediate action.

This father, simply tells the child from a distance…”Don’t play there.” He repeats this over and over again but still rooted in the distance.

Love is not just knowing that a person is in danger and a simple calling is enough to nudge him/her awake. It requires love to be concerned to action, like lifting the child away from danger.

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