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Billy Graham Most admired man 4% (statistical tie)
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I frequent Christianity Today‘s website from time to time and they have some great articles there coupled with some awesome interviews. Here are some links for you’re reading pleasure…

Billy Graham talks on Aging, Regrets and Evangelicals. One of the constant things I hear or read from experienced ministers is that of regretting them not spending time with family. With all the constant reminder that is given in this issue, I believe that this will always be a constant regret that minister will give all throughout their life. Let’s face it, the ministry will always demand your time. Which makes me question, whether this is a curse or a blessing. Well, just my own thoughts.

Talking about books, here are a list of the top books of 2011. Among those mentioned, N. T. Wright‘s “After You Believe” made the cut! Update: Sze Zeng over at his blog asked an important question regarding this particular book list which deals with what a list like this implies. The books on the list are predominantly from a western perspective which seems to lead our general thinking that Christianity in its purest sense is in fact Western in essence which deals with western issues for that matter. Where does that leave the rest of Christianity?

For those who are businessmen out there, this particular article interview is for you. Jeff Van Duzer, who wrote this massive book titled, “Why Business Matters to God: (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed)” (IVP) tells you why business is important and integral; not secondary.

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