Resources on the Trinity

"Holy Trinity" from the Tretyakov Ga...
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Since I’m planning to write a paper for my Theology 1 assignment on the trinity (perhaps), I Googled stuff on the trinity and “PRESTO” I got this massive link to articles and MP3s on the Trinity. I recently heard of an author by the name of Fred Sanders who has written a book on the trinity called “The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything” from reading a review of it in Christianity Today magazine (read the review here written by Matt Lee Anderson of Mere Orthodoxy).

So here’s the links for things or articles regarding the trinity:

Tyndale Seminary website has set up a massive link to trinity related material on the internet that is somewhat comprehensive (well for a student at least). The header simply says “The Doctrine of the Trinity Reading Room.”

Theopedia has also some cool links to sermons, talks and podcasts to subjects pertaining to trinity. Go here to check it out.

Fred Sanders gives some recommendation of what books to read if one wants to learn about the trinity. See it here.

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