Stanley Hauerwas Interviewed

I haven’t really read anything by Stanley Hauerwas yet but I bought a second hand book by him entitled “The Peaceable Kingdom” somewhere last month (it was a steal really at RM 10.00!!!). I also saw his theological memoir at a local christian bookstore which was quite pricey and I didn’t have money to afford it. The book is called “Hanna’s Child.” Now that I have some cash to spare, the book has been out of stock. A major bummer.

A bummer because, I read this post by Scot McKnight about the book and he mentioned a lot of interesting things about the general content of the book, which made me “want it.” Yeah, it’s making me have these cravings which seems to be nearing sin level. But when it comes I’ll probably pick it up for sure. McKnight also posted his favorite quotations from the book.

But, to get a feel of this Hauerwas guy, apart from finding it hard to pronounce the name just by reading it (like me), you can watch this interview of the man himself talking about the book, talking about church and answering questions. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the video.

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