The Best ‘Job’

Image by mikearther via Flickr

Sometimes I hear from people that “Being in full time ministry is the best job in the world!” Others will come with add another statement with this, something like, “…it’s because you serve the Lord of Lords/ God/ Jesus.”

I’ll often smile and give a nod and nod slightly. And after that brief conversation I wonder if they really mean what they say. I have no doubts when some people are sincere in telling me this. But some just say it because that’s supposed to be the standard answer.

But why is it the best job if people are all looking for jobs that pay them more? Jobs where there is respect and mutual understanding between the boss and staffs? Where the working environment is wired up to help one enjoy and progress to attain their full potential? Where promotions are sure and raises and bonuses are given? Where there is a good pension plan for the future? Where we can manage our time for the family and not just work? Why is being in ministry the best job in the whole world when there is none of those things (or maybe less depending on the place/country/context one ministers)?

To me, ministry is not the best job. It’s not a job that can be compared to other better jobs out there. Ministry is about one going in it not for the benefits but out of service. Ministers would like to be treated better, paid better, live better, spend time more with family and all those other stuff. I’d be joking if that’s not something I’d like to have in the future. Being in ministry is more about conviction, whether one is teaching in seminary, a pastor, an evangelist or a missionary for that matter.

I’ll refrain from using the understanding of being in ministry as “calling” because all are called to serve in whatever capacity or work they are in.With that all kinds of jobs are the same. It depends more on conviction to where one is supposed to be called.

So, ministry, being in full time ministry is not the best job. It’s a ‘job’ for those who are convinced to be in that realm of service. And there are no promises of having it going smoothly. Like other jobs, ministers have their own sets of obstacles and hardships. To me all jobs are equal. None has that added platform of being the “best job in the whole world.” But if out of the conviction of those who have gone through it and have survived and live to tell the story, then, only then, if they choose to say “It’s the best job for them,” I’ll not argue.

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