Trinity, is it a Non-Issue?

Baroque Trinity, Hendrick van Balen, 1620, (Si...
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A recent theological paper that I wrote not long ago was written responding to modalism. Modalism is a concept of God that says that God reveled himself to us in different forms at different points of time as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Although many take the doctrine of the trinity for granted, in away that they ascribe to it but have no idea what they understand about it.

Many, I perceive in Malaysia fall into the modalist camp. I say this because of the many models people us of explaining the trinity. Examples like using an egg, 3 in 1 packet of coffee, ice or the sun; all lean towards modalism. I don’t mean to label people but the ideas they ascribe to.

I’ve studied this issue to some extent but I think I still need more research in this topic. It has become one of my obsessions really. I always was marveled with the concept but have left the need to try to explain it until now.

I’ve tried to present my views on a social website but some thought that ascribing to trinity was telling people about three gods. The respondent said that if I tried to explain the trinity to people it was sure to be met with difficulty. The bible, is simple, the respondent added. So much for dialouge.

I did not mean to sound like I was refuting anyone. But I just presented my case concerning the issue awaiting a reasoned reply. Sometimes I scratch my head after presenting what I thought was good reasoned texts that speaks about the concept.

But I do know that trying to box explanations of the trinity to models or anything for that matter fails. I would steer away at explaining it to people who are still new to the faith. I the person does ask about it then explanations should come up.

But on this issue, of ascribing to the trinity, is it an essential doctrine we ‘must’ ascribe to?

(I’ll probably post my views concerning the Trinity soon.)

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