Will You Join Me in Prayer?

With all the hype about postmodernism and religious plurality being discussed around the globe, tolerance is something that is always at the forefront. The constant plea for peace is ascribed to. Sure, I agree with all these things. But what if the majority ruling a certain country is opposed to any progress of other religions in that certain country? To me justice is the thing that needs to be sought.

Take for example in Malaysia. The current situation now for our seminaries is that authorities dealing with immigration issue are revoking visa’s of foreign student and lecturers. This is just a recent issue.

Tussles concerning the type of words that Christian can use in our bibles which use our national language in Malaysia has been a constantly battle being handed by authorities. The recent fiasco concerning the name of God is still going through court appeals.

Our seminary dean was sharing with us during our time of prayer concerning this pressing issue especially for the case concerning visas for our fellow foreign students and lecturers, is that we discern the times.

At this point what is God telling us? At this point, we should ponder our lives before God? At this time we reflect the life of the church. A this point we seek God’s mercy. At this point we come and kneel. Please join me and my seminary in your prayers. As a portion of what makes up the body of Christ is hurting, it affects the whole. We in Malaysia value your prayers.

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