Books For Review

Over at “The Church and Postmodern Culture:Conversation” blog, they are offering books for possible reviews for FREE. Read the particular post here. The books that are being offered are

Neal De Roo and John Manoussakis, eds., Phenomenology and Eschatology: Not Yet in the Now (Ashgate, 2009).

John Milbank, Slavoj Zizek, and Creston Davis, Paul’s New Moment: Continental Philosophy and the Future of Christian Theology(Brazos, 2010).

Steven Knowles, Beyond Evangelicalism: The Theological Methodology of Stanley J. Grenz (Ashgate, 2010).

These titles all look great. Personally though, these are topics that ‘fly over my head.’ I’ll probably need time to develop my mind in the coming years to read stuff like this. But if you’re interested and capable, go ahead, write to them.

2 thoughts on “Books For Review

  1. I think the one on Stanley Grenz might not fly over your head 🙂 I like Stanley Grenz and have a couple of books by him i.e. 1) Theology for the Community of God 2) Reclaiming The Center. Regards

    1. Eugene,
      You think so? haha Anyway requests for review have been closed soo too bad for me. Grenz is one of my favorites as well. Thanks dropping by Eugene.

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