Theologian and Scholars, I Despise Thee

Christians have all sorts of questions. That means I have them too since I’m a Christian. But problems arise when people try to answer this question based on studies carried out by scholars and theologians. These people make things complicated they say. They make what is simple into gibberish musings or the classic; come up with unbiblical definitions.  Theologians and scholars just mess up our faith.

Instead, they say, it’s better for us to go back to the Bible. Since what the bible teaches is simple and obvious. God is not complicated. It’s the theologians and scholars. They come up with these theological renderings. Take trinity for example. That’s not found in the Bible. So they advise, to simply get back to the Bible and see for themselves what God says.

And these people talk about atonement, they get so caught up in rapture (is that word really found in the Bible?), they talk about the ‘concept’ of original sin, they discuss about Jesus’ nature (fully divine fully man). They discuss about all these things that, unknowingly, acknowledging what theologians and scholars have been developing in history.

If you wanna church out theologians, might as well chuck out sola scripture (scripture alone-authority of scripture), chuck out justification, chuck out whatever doctrines we have. Since it was theologians and scholars who developed them.

Chuck out the Bible as well and read the original text. Why depend on work of scholars who have labored for years to bring us translations, only to be spit and kicked on, when people disregard their devotion. Go ahead, just throw away that English bible. Read Hebrew and Greek instead.

And when you’re done with that, go and flog yourself. Because you are a theologian as well silly. Theology simply means “the study of God.”

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