A Tad of Sider for the Younger Christians 1

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These are the first two articles by Ron Sider who writes them as an Open Letter to younger Christians. To read them in their entirety click on these links, Part 1 and Part 2. I’m just providing short summaries of the ideas addressed by these articles.

Part 1, Sider raises issues concerning evangelism. It seems that the pendulum has now shifted to the focus on social justice, as opposed to earlier when he was considered a strong proponent to social justice. This is seen especially with the writing of his book “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger.” The turn of the younger generation to social justice is good but it seems that no one really cares much concerning evangelism. The notion of those who do not know Christ has not been much of a concern for the younger generation. An Sider does present some biblical text to present some platform for his argument here.

Part 2, concerns with the question about truth and about marriage vows. The talk about truth to the younger generation is somewhat fuzzy. It is probably a response to how earlier generations we simply too dogmatic in their views and made a bad impression on truth. And with the turn to postmodernism this reality concerning a shared truth is questioned. Sider does not oppose the value of learning from this postmodern stream but we must not lose our focus on truth. On the issue about marriage vows, he encourages younger Christians to fulfill their vows unlike the struggle of the previous generations.

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