Questions and the thing about questioning is fascinating. It’s a mechanism to curb our enthusiasm in finding out about something. Questions shows our passionate longing for knowledge and understanding. Questions is a sign that we are in some ways fascinated.

Questions also can be a probing to disagreements. Questions can be an act of trying to find clarifications to a certain statement of some sort. Questions probe for a more clearer picture. A tuning fork if you will.

Questions can be in some ways an arrogant way for us to test ideas we don’t really agree with. We ask not to seek but ask to test and win. I see this sort of questions and questioning a negative form of questions.

But here’s a thought. Sometimes when we ask questions, regardless of our motives, what is it we seek? Do we seek answers to questions we subconsciously have framed in us when we ask? Do we seek answers that conform in that perceived pattern of thought?

I think, sometimes when we ask questions, we seek more things we are willing to swallow. Not the ‘real’ answers to our questions. In some ways our questions are framed with the intention of getting an answer we would like to hear or something we might agree or disagree with. We ask to clarify our notion of belief.

So next time when we do ask questions, lets not seek or expect our own perception of the right answer. What we do need more is to be able to listen and hear a different side of the answer to our questions.

3 thoughts on “Questions

    1. i.d,

      Thanks for the comment. I forgot I even reflected on questions which is funny. Your comment makes me sound normal as well. Thanks for reading!

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