Bell; Stott; Malaysia, the Bible and Allah (AGAIN!)

Mark Galli’s Review of “Love Wins,” does give some positive point in stating Bell’s desire to present a more acceptable and understandable gospel to his cultural peers. But in Galli’s opinion, in Bell doing so, he raises more problems. One of the problems is that Bell seems to be selective in what he views as biblical relaven teaching. Here’s a quote from the article:

“But it’s here that we run up against Bell’s hermeneutic, that is, the principle by which he decides if a biblical teaching is relevant. Why, for example, is blood atonement a time-bound explanation of the Cross, but the divinity of Christ is a deep mystery we shouldn’t shun? Why are Paul’s statements about the universality of salvation taken literally, but his teaching on substitutionary atonement as mere creative writing?”

Here is a short article on John Stott, basically announcing a book based on other people’s observation concerning their personal views of Stott’s life, “warts and all.” And whats more, it was Stotts idea to start of with.

Over in Malaysia there has been an flood of reports concerning the detention 35,000 bibles by local authorities. This comes up after issues concerning the word “Allah” which ‘authorities’ say might mislead Muslims to embrace Christianity. This was an earlier statement by Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM); Arab Christians express their concerns; BBC has an article about this here; A stinging rebuke by Christian leaders to the government can be read here; The government’s “reasonable compromise” in the release of the Bibles can be read here.


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