Reviews by Gupta

Nijay Gupta has three book reviews that he has posted on his blog. The first one is on “Jesus, Paul and the People of God,” which is based on a conference held by Wheaton where scholars dialouge and respond to N. T. Wright. I was able to download the whole conference (papers that were presented) which was really great. See what Gupta has to say about it.

The second review is on a commentary by Peter O’Brian on Hebrews. Although O’Brian is one of his favorite commentator, this commentary is good but does not meet Gupta’s expectation. Over at my seminary, we’ll have the privilege to listen to O’Brian in person talk about Ephesians. That will be in the last week of May.

The third review is on Craig Keener’s book, “The Historical Jesus of the Gospels.” According to Gupta it is the last part of the book “beginning at p. 163 (chs. 11-12), deals with “What We Learn about Jesus from the Best Sources,”” which is one part he will continue to turn to “as a resource and reference work.” But Gupta questions Keener’s omission of the gospel of John, and states that it does not really add up to the title of the book.

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