The Bible, “is Prejudicial to the National Interest and Security of Malaysia”

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The release of Bibles that had been detained by Government authorities has been met with great joy in the beginning but all that turns sour in the knowledge that the Government has put some restrictions on Bibles. To read more on this issue please click here.

The reason behind this ‘logical‘ move is explained below as quoted from the article;

We also wholly reject the Government’s contention that the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia is prejudicial to the national interest and security of Malaysia, and treated as a subversive publication.

I have to admit that such a statement made by the Government of Malaysia is vague. If there is such a case, simply show proof where and provide citations for their claim. This all has been an irritating episode in how the Government of Malaysia  handles issues concerning what is lauded as “freedom of Religion” in Malaysia. The claim is simply just a statement where the real matter is somewhat the contrary. Even the slogan which states “1 Malaysia” is something of a disgraceful front to put up. If there is such a real sense of tolerance why is there such a restriction concerning Bibles?

The article concludes with this mandate to all Malaysian Christians,

We call on all Malaysians, from Semenanjung and in Sabah and Sarawak, and from all walks of life, to come together in unity to reject any attempt to restrict the freedom of religion in our beloved country.

We invite all Christians in Malaysia to remain calm and to continue to pray for a dignified and respectful resolution of this issue. As Sunday 20 March 2011 marks the 2nd anniversary of the impounding of the Bibles at Port Klang, we call on all those in Malaysia and elsewhere to dedicate themselves to a day of prayer and quiet reflection.



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