Bookish Affair and Some Links

The Resurrection by Piero della Francesca, 1460.
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This week has been somewhat busy because of reading and stuff pertaining to books. I guess my life revolves around books that some might find boring due to taste.

Right now I’m driving myself to finish Vanhoozer’s  “Drama of Doctrine.” I have to say that it is a difficult read but with some push of determination I just might not lose my soul in trying to understand every ounce of argument that he has.  I read a few pages of Michael Licona’s “The Resurrection of Jesus” and his take on history and what it means. This will be another slow reading since I have time on my hands which is golden (I guess it’s a phrase I borrow from Barney-How I Met Your Mother).

A friend asked me about some suggestions on beginning a collection of good Old Testament books. This has not been an area that I can trust my own judgments but over at New Testament Perspective, there is a post on some OT titles. I guess it’s something to begin with. Do you have any suggestions for this?

And while I was browsing through the bookstore I found and then bought this book called “Exploring Theological English: Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar for ESL/EFL.” I just had a glance through and read some part and found it impressive, especially if one was beginning in theological education and found difficulty in grasping terms that theologians used in their writings. They also have a website which can be accessed here.

And I was alerted by this site reading through “New Testament Perspective” blog concerning this site on Ancient Hebrew Grammar which has a free PDF download of whole book on Biblical Hebrew: a Student Grammar.

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