AlKitab Related Posts and an Updated Post

I’ve been relatively quiet for some days now due to the usual workload in seminary but all is well. I’d just like to direct your attention to two great posts, both of which are written by the same author which details a response to the cries of “desecration” of the bible by Christians in Malaysia following the issue regarding the detention of Bibles followed by Malaysian Government’s stamping on them.

In the first post Joshua writes in responding to how Christians have reacted to the cry of “desecration” by Christian leaders in Malaysia. Some have branded the cry of “desecration” as unwarranted and irresponsible. But what is really at stake? It’s a long post, so be warned. But regardless of that those who read through will benefit from it. 🙂

Writing on the same issue but focusing more on the biblical perspective of what “desecration” means, this is part 1 of a series of 3 articles written for a Christian response to the Bible detention issue in Malaysia.

And on a side not I’ve recently updated my Resource Bank post. Scroll to the bottom to see a the new link I added there.

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