Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

Here are some of the important notes I jotted down while listening to the talk by Wright:

Seven ways Christians modified belief in resurrection in early Judaism-

1-No spectrum of belief of life after death compared to Jew in the time of Jesus (e.g. Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection and Pharisees do)- basically there is a unanimity in the early Church’s belief in resurrection

2-Although there was belief in the resurrection, it is not tht important/central in second temple period

3-In judaism is not precise on what the resurrection is and would be, but for christians they believed in a transformed body, incorruptible.

4-Early judaism believed that the event of resurrection will hapen at the end to all god’s people but christian believed tht it happened in advanced in Jesus and then taking the position of the early Jews.

5-collaborative eschatology

6-Different metaphorical understanding

7-Association with messiahship- no jews believed that messiah had anything to do with death let alone resurrection

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