Fitch and The 5 Excuses Seminarians Make

Image by katieash via Flickr

In a changing society that the church is living in, the demands that are faced by seminary trained student plunging themselves in ministry are many. Gone are the days when it is a “safe” passage way where seminarians plunge into full-time ministry according to David Fitch. He argues for seminarians to plunge into bi-vocationalism. Not that he thinks that the vocation of being in ministry full-time any less as worthy as he does state that “it is a worthy and awesome vocation.” Rather it is for the reason of becoming more missional, since, full-time ministry forces a chasm for reaching out because ministers mostly spend little time with other people rather than Christians.

People might have their arguments for his proposal but take time to read this informative article. It might give seminarians in Malaysia especially, some valuable insight to think about.

Read the rest of the article here.

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