The Nameless and Faceless

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Last week a few of us handed out some proposals for some sort of book that us student in seminary were interested in writing. We were thinking on the lines of Genesis. Since, it’s one the OT books that people have a hard time understanding.

We talked about it to our respected dean and it was sadly rejected. He had good points though, like, “who do you have in mind to address?”, “is there a nagging question that you want to answer to the masses?”, “if there have been others (well known authorities who have written on the issue), what value will our essays mean compared to their’s?”, and “there is a relatively low market of getting theological writing in Malaysia.” I think what he said were very thoughtful things. But it still leaves me a bit dismayed. So here’s what I think.

Sure, our contribution might not be as inventive or authoritative as those well known authors who have progress on Genesis, but that does not necessarily point to unnecessary contribution from nameless and faceless seminarians. I think we can and should get out our opinions on issues. But yes, who will want to read essays done by unknown authors who have no weight to their credentials.

And for all it’s worth, the only contribution we can offer is our personal testimonies and callings. Sure, in a way it’s good to share about our changed life but is that all we can offer for people to read? I guess that’s all that everybody wants.

I also think that there is no confidence vested in us by the seminary because our work, our writing or papers are only seen as just papers to be marked and given grades. Maybe it is more than that but it sure feels like what i mentioned earlier.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re nameless and faceless. There is no real contribution that you can make. Just some meaningless words you thought were meaningful. But ultimately meant for the garbage.

2 thoughts on “The Nameless and Faceless

  1. cheer on; sometimes it is easy for revolutionaries of yesteryears to mellow down after years in office.

    Let your spirit and passion be a reminder to them why they were there in the first place – to change the world around them.

    And do not let anyone despise you because you are young (and nameless and faceless), but have the courage to set an example for the believers through your own faithful passion for god in everything you do in life.

    So, yeah, go!

    Steven Sim

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