Past, Present, Future

I want to live in the today and not so much the past. Not to think too much about the future because they bring with them anxiety puss. But the past in some ways brings a source of comfort, stories which we feel comfortable with, stories we know we did manage through the hard times. There is a sense of achievement, a sense of victory. The past brings with it an already known story.

What does today bring? We live in the vicinity of moving time. We create the past as we go about today. Today is moving on in steps and in a progressive movement. Today is a walk with just enough light to guide our path. Today is filled with a mystery. A mystery being written before our eyes.

What about the future? Not much is known about what the future hold. We hand dreams and hopes and frame them in the thought of their fulfillment. We do our best today to be able to know some form of the future. But the question beckons, will all these dreams and hopes come to pass? Some might probably be met, others get shattered and buried. We sing in their passing, we send flowers to their grave in remembrance. But, there is sometimes a sense of anxiety in the thought of the future.

Some stories in life are written, some are going to be written, and some wait to be written. Life is a mixed baggage of knowing and yet unknowing.

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