Lack of Desire is Poverty

Maybe things are too good to be true to believe in. Reality is fickle. Things can change from good to bad in an instance. We try our best at hope, having no sure foundation if it will materialize. Disbelief can be a form of refuge. Pessimism can be a lasting virtue. But what makes us human is always some form of desire…to always hope for better even in the worst of circumstances. Fairy-tales only exist in stories, what makes us go through life are the realities we face, not them happily ever afters.

I struggle with the facts of life; being optimistic, being positive even. The slight mention of “This is God’s blessing to us,” make me cringe sometimes. I admit that most of the time, i’m skeptical. It might be that I’m afraid that hurt will soon creep in and disappointment makes it way to bed with me. So like the body’s reaction to pain, my emotional stance reacts to any form of things looking better. I try to avoid the toils of desire flooding my soul, to expect things to go better. But in that I drive myself to the point of isolation. It is a hard cycle to muster, I must admit that.

Here are some quotes from the man who went through disappointments himself, a man who I constantly turn to when I come to a point where life is difficult. I find some form of comfort in what he had to say. Bonhoeffer states,

“We can have an abundant life even though many wishes remain unfulfilled.”

“…lack of desire is poverty.”

Quotes taken from “The Consolations of Theology” Edited by Brian S. Rosner. (Pg. 120)

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