i still remember

I still remember

Though time keeps passing

I’ve not forgotten

Though a chasm separates us for now

to everlasting

They are vivid

And not forgotten

They stay hidden

But never rotten

Like lush meadows

And the smell of flowers blooming

When dark shadows

They disperse when dawn comes looming

As surely as light shines

And it brightens the day

I still remember

When cherished sparks

Were meant to stay

Why then goodbyes are said

When our memories are seared in red

Why do i bleed and weep in sadness

Because i still remember

The things we both said

3 thoughts on “i still remember

  1. I also find words that were said the hardest to forget, the hardest to let go. Words mean so much and the feelings and memories they provoke can last forever. Again, very sad and beautiful poem. And thank you so much for the subscription, I’ve enjoyed your blog as well! Also looking forward to hearing some of your recordings.

  2. fountains,
    you hit the nail there with your comment. well, writing them out keeps me sane i think. i enjoyed your blog as well, we all need to feed our creativity with other people’s art! if you want to take a listen to some of the recordings follow the link. they are not perfect but pretty much just sketches. http://jonathanparanaran.posterous.com/

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