In the city

I sit in the midst of conversations
Of people sitting together
On my left in hear them talking about work related problems
Behind me they talk about other things like family
All in this mix of conversations
I hear the busy streets buzzing
The sound of vehicles moving
Or is that just somebody farting
Too many sounds I think
They sound more chaotic
With no trace of melody
None that would make it into billboards top twenties
Three ladies walk by
None in their thirties
As I type these words and look up
They’ve all disappeared
As I think and reflect of this life in the city
I guess there’s one thing I notice
Everything moves in a chaotic pace
There is little room for slow contemplation
I guess I can make only one reason from this tire reflection
I miss the the notion of being known
Where just a simple “hi” would color my day
Maybe a pat in the back
Or a shout to come out and play
In the city where things are laid in boundaries
In a place where there are literally thousands scouring
I sit in the midst of conversations playing
I guess what I’m trying to convey in the mindless writing
I am all alone
I guess that’s all I’m saying

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