To move or stay defeated

Sometimes when freedom comes knocking
And promise us of thoughtful beginnings
Where the rule shall be no though of slavery
No task master to remind us of wounds and misery

When the time comes for redemption it comes near
We pack our belongings with no trace of tears
Our elation runs deep the pain we bury under
We put up our trust in our new found defender

There is no turning back becomes the resounding shouts that thunder
Our fist we hold high an image of our cry
For salvation has come so we follow in haste
To that beautiful land of promise we have all longed to taste

But when we meet some form of resistance
That clouds out our vision when we look in the distance
All thought of elation has from day turned to blackness
Our sights now turned from joy into sadness

Do we muster strength again to believe?
Or give up all hope and just walk out and leave?
Does it do any good to mend trust again?
Or just wallow in sorrow and weep in disdain?

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