N. T. Wright on Worship


(Update: Sorry, not sure why there was a problem posting the video but if you click the link you’ll be directed to it.)

Some notes:

-Music used to reflect existing culture or to challenge it

-contemporary worship purely reflect current music forms, though relevant, the danger is the idiom tend to be on the negative rather on positive where there is less reflection on beauty of God and Gospel.

-Many worship songs which basically are like teenage love songs. The of point falling in love  (using the example of lighting a match) is that it is exiting to light a match in order to light candle. Lighting the candle might not be as exiting as striking a match, but the beautiful thing is, if we look after it will last a whole while longer than the part of us lighting a match.

-So what Wright wants to see Christians do is develop music styles that have the exitement of the contempory music scene but to look for something that sustains and lasts.

-For example like the great hymns, they somehow have that capacity of lasting impression but unlike some contemporary worship songs they don’t have that lasting quality.

H/T: New Ways Forward

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