When Leaders Act Like Clowns and Simple People Act Like Leaders

Note: This is my rough translation of a short clip what our dear PM thought about the Bersih 2.0 rally.

“…just got exposed to just a sprinkle of tear gas, and their face mimicking one that’s been beaten up badly. And their pictures are posted on youtube, in the form of video. Last night, (name of person) showed me, a video he accessed, showing pictures of people looking like they were brutally beaten and lying flat in the hospital. And this while wearing (his/her) yellow shirt….”

I’m somewhat bemused at the way he casually joked about it. For someone of his stature, he should have expressed concern. Give some viable explanation or something not bordering on comical. Let comics do their job and a minister do what they are supposed to do. If he thinks the rally was something funny to behold, I’m not sure others will take that stance.

On the other side of things though as the video above shows, is an old lady who has shot to fame. Not for being funny or having that platform that Najib has, she simply had a reasonable mind to believe in something, something called freedom. Sure, our Malaysian Government might call the rally joke, and laugh all they want. But if an old lady wearing yellow can show, in a reasonable sense of what she believed in, I find no justification on how our PM can say what he said above in response of the rally. If simple people can be shown more reason than leaders who are given the platform to lead, we should know by now who are the real clowns and who are the real leaders.

2 thoughts on “When Leaders Act Like Clowns and Simple People Act Like Leaders

  1. whatsaysyou,
    Thanks for visiting and the comment. Yes, it is a shame that the Malaysian Government has acted in this way, saying out silly jokes. It does look like freedom and reform will come soon!

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