Driscoll Being a Bully

Mark Driscoll's Vintage Jesus
Image by six steps  via Flickr

When I was nine I had my first bully encounter. Some guy from church constantly ridiculed me. We were in the same class. I guess I was pretty soft back then. I cried in some cases when he dissed me or said some nasty stuff.

I was into drawing back then and I guess I was pretty good. Now I don’t draw as much. Well, I guess I don’t really draw now. I drew those characters from the era where the craze was those teenage mutant ninja turtles. My classmates took notice. So most of them asked me to draw their favorite character. Well, all those turtles looked the same so the only thing defferinciating them were their colored masks, the initials of their name worn on their belts and the weapons they used. Piece of cake.

The funny thing was, my bully stopped his bullying because of my new found fame. He was into these ninja turtles too. So he too jumped into the bandwagon of being a fan. I was happy though. At least it made the bullying stop. We actually became good friends in the process.

But those were torrid moments for me. I don’t like bullies.

Coming to the topic of bullies, there has been one that is making airwaves in the blogsphere. He’s a well known Christian leader. Now, I know. That’s surely two things that don’t go together. His name is Mark Driscoll. I guess you know this well known Christian leader. He has been dissing out nasty comments about men and gays on his Facebook which is pretty bad.

Rachel Held Evans has started something On her blog calling Christians to write to him and his church. Not in the terms of warring words but for the sake of our Christian witness. Read her post here

Kurt Willems has also written his response as well. Read it here

Anyway I’m writing this post because I have friends who are into Driscoll and they should know about this. And if you want to read something about what Driscoll has said here’s one, “I can’t worship a guy I can beat up.” I guess he can’t worship the Jesus portrayed in the scriptures as well. After all, the Jesus we read in the scriptures was beat up pretty bad before he was crucified.

2 thoughts on “Driscoll Being a Bully

    1. Yes! The quote does not add up to the Jesus Driscoll is presenting. With his platform and influence he is leading a lot of people (some of my friends read him) in that direction. Well something needs to be done about this!

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