lately i have dreams

This poem still brings good memories. I often smile reading it.

Lately i have dreams
After night falls
After long calls
After hearing you talk
After telling stories and funny jokes
We say good bye
And sweet dreams
And that’s when it starts
The point of me having dreams

Lately I have dreams
It has you in it
Sitting beside me
Leaning on my shoulders
Reclining as we talk
Or just sitting watching the tube
I like that image playing in my dreams
Time that seems elapsing
Is stilled
In the sweet vacuum of dreams

Lately i have dreams
And i had one that had a scene of sojourn
We strolled the landscapes of lush meadows
Walk past stilling clear streams
Visit busy markets with noisy screams
See all sorts of people
we capture still moments of those scenes
with you smiling and me looking on
But what i like about it is
You were with me
It makes the journey meaningful
But it was only a dream
Too bad
maybe someday this would be real

Lately i have dreams
Most importantly
You make the most of
The landscapes and scenes.

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